Cancún, Mexico

Lic. Daniel Fernández de Córdova Shore

Title: Technology Will Set Us Free: Automating our basic needs for greater freedom. (La Tecnología Nos Liberará: Automatizando nuestras necesidades básicas para tener mayor libertad.)

How to create a space that produces everything you consume.
  • What is technology for?
  • Improve quality of life vs. Control production
  • Trends in automation.
  • What is being automated and why?
  • Types of technology:
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Free / Open-Source Technology
  • Modular Technology
  • Functional Technology
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Automating basic needs. Food, Home, Water, Energy, Clothing, Technology

  • He founded several companies, among them MACHINA, one of the first companies of technology of the world, where he appeared together with the rest of the equipment like one of the 30 under the 30 from Forbes Mexico.

    He then founded ISLA, where he gave workshops based on projects ranging from the production of craft beer to the construction of electronic and cellular gardens. ISLA was incubated at Startup Mexico and is developing self-sufficient communities.